Who We Are – Dr. Virginia Parras

The Parras Grande Team

From a decorated war veteran to a daily educator, and a host of budget and finance specialists, the Parras Grande team offers comprehensive expertise in organizational strategy and development.

Under the direction and guidance of Dr. Virginia Parras, the Parras Grande team brings more than two decades of experience in the management of educational institutions at all levels, building strategies for the financial well-being of those institutions, as well as in the operational aspects of recruitment and curricula development.  Several of the team members provide budget and finance services to non-education businesses, as well.

Parras Grande team members hold graduate and doctorate degrees in business administration and education. Team members provide services both nationally and internationally.

The Parras Grande Team under the leadership of Dr. Virginia Parras bring years of experience to business administration and education. Get in touch with Dr. Virginia Parras today to learn more about how our team can help you.

Parras Grande founder Dr. Virginia Parras