It is the way we inspire innovative education and financial literacy. We are your strategic partner for success.

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Business Management &
Educational Consulting

Parras Grande & Associates provide transformational services and support. We develop concepts for fiscal and organizational wellbeing.

Our Value Proposition is in turning institutional dreams into reality. We help our clients through a partnership approach to give life to their vision, mission, and values.

Service In Action

Elevate Your Business Leadership Development

Elevate Your Business Leadership Development. Strategic Planning. Financial Bond Development. Budgeting. We’re your partner is business health.

Elevate your EDU Curricula Development

Elevate your EDU Curricula development. Financial planning. Recruitment. Emergency preparedness. We’re your partner in building accessible excellence in education.


Renewing Accreditation. Balanced multi-million dollar budgets. Increased enrollments and achieved 100% graduation rates. Created cost-reduction strategies.